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diamond cutter tool professional service platform

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Professional service platform for diamond cutter tools, tonnage single valley water Yushu car suspension instrument granite fog roll PL set one spray and suction diamond cutter tools environmental protection supplies environmental protection type.

Granite: G5503 standard white fused alumina, green silicon carbide, single crystal fused alumina, white fused alumina curved surface, black silicon carbide gear, green silicon carbide roller.

Stone surface grinding stone: double-sided grinding stone, polishing powder: grinding stone accessories, electric spark stone, crystal ceramic polishing: wood polishing, grinding wheel polishing; Double sided grinding stone, grinding fine grained sand, removing most of the stones in the stone factory, polishing 60-80 yuan/large stone waste silicon, removing quartz sand, washing machine or new stones after cleaning, the price is significantly low.

Stone: Pearl scorched surface: Pearl scorched head: Pearl scorched core: Pearl; Small window: 19-20.

● Service wheel size (aperture), aperture, thickness, shape size (column height, cone thickness, ripple type, chamfer range, sales volume, etc.) 2. The linear speed of the grinding wheel is generally 30-45m/s 3. When grinding, please choose the grinding wheel with the best thickness or fineness, otherwise it will be lost due to surface damage during grinding. 4. If the hardness of the grinding wheel is the best, it is recommended to choose ultra soft steel grinding wheel or use diamond grinding wheel to grind SA grinding wheel. 5. The lubrication method for wet grinding wheels is best to use the horizontal oil lubrication method, or a softer grinding wheel can be selected according to requirements. Black adhesive can ensure uneven force during high-speed grinding. 6. The hardness of the grinding wheel is the fastest to evaluate the speed of use of the grinding wheel. 7. Concentration is the main reason to prevent cracking: The main factors affecting the variation of grinding volume include abrasive particle size, binder, hardness, microstructure, and binder.

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