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About us

Protec Tools Co.,Limited ,was established in 2006. As a professional and experiened diamond cutting and drilling tools manufacturer , To give our customers best quality diamond tools , make them work easier , more efficient and lower cost is what we always focused on . By continuous research, successful and unsuccessful experience, thousands of testing, PROTEC has developed best bonding for most of the building materials from different areas all over the world. In order to keep our diamond tools products at a high level , we take the most advanced equipments in this industry,such as the automatic laser welding machine, automatic segment press and sintering machine etc.Our products are manufacted coordinate to CE/EN13236. All of these efforts leading a significant grows every year. All our customers will find it is happy to work with PROTEC for the satisfying products and service .Our products are exported to more than 30 countries all over the world and we are the OEM supplier of some world wide famous brands. High quality diamond saw blades.Looking forward to work for you.

Our Certification
Technical file of the company mentioned below has been observed 2006/42/EC Machinery directive haas been taken as  references for these processes.
Our factory work shop is very busy every day, it is a highly technical environment, so after get off work every day, we will clean it very well. In the workshop during the day, technicians are constantly debugging advanced quality control machines, using them to manufacture high-quality diamond saw blades. 
Quality control machines are automated systems for monitoring, inspecting and testing diamond saw blades. It has several advanced technologies including lasers, sensors and software to check the blades for defects. Keep workers safe and reduce costs associated with product defects.
Our factory is divided into several areas, the picture is one of the corners, each area has its own professional cutting equipment.
After the diamond saw blades are finished, they are sent to the final assembly room. Put it together with other components, then test the blade for durability and sharpness.
High-quality diamond tools require not only excellent technicians, but also high-precision machines. Do you know diamond blade automatic laser welding machine, diamond blade automatic cold press machine? Check out the video below.
It is our original intention to make good products with our heart. Our products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world, and have been fully recognized by customers. Good product, made by PROTEC.
If you need to know about our products, welcome to consult us.