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Diamond Blade Economic Fraud Cases

Source: | Author:Cain Huang | Published time: 2023-08-07 | 226 Views | Share:

Diamond blade economic fraud case, connected to imported equipment training, is a leading 113 branch school. Gathering two classes, we can purchase 6000 diamond blades.

Diamond blades, also known as diamond saw blades, are machined from diamond saw blades and have strong production characteristics and work efficiency. Diamond chips are divided into two types: one is integrated diamond, the second is "YKZ" type diamond pen, and the second is inlay welded diamond.

Many people are uncertain about the abrasive particles of diamond grinding wheels, as they have many different applications. Today, we will explain the grinding applications of diamond grinding wheels.

Chromium corundum grinding wheel, suitable for high-strength grinding of high-speed steel, quenched steel, high carbon steel, etc. Chromium corundum grinding wheel is suitable for high-speed steel, quenched steel, high carbon steel, etc.

Ordinary grinding, rapid removal of grinding blanks, rapid removal of rough and fine grinding marks on the surface, and rapid removal of surface allowances.

Regarding improving the service life of grinding wheels, increasing the task of metal removal, and thus efficiently completing work.

Regarding improving the safety protection ability of grinding wheels, increasing their protective cover for non professional personnel and obstacles.

When the grinding wheel is running at high speed, it is required to have sufficient braking force when moving up and down the grinding wheel at high speed.

During surface grinding, the operator should evenly apply force and strictly prohibit excessive force, as it may cause cracking of the diamond cutter head and lead to accidents.

The use of grinding fluid should meet the equipment requirements and there should be no air leakage. The pump should be turned on to measure the grinding head and grinding fluid.

If the machine tool is not in use, twist your hand and adjust the handle. The extension length and width of the spindle should be adjusted according to a certain grinding length, and the grinding fluid should not drop< eod>。