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18 diamond cutter tools knowledge, come and learn!

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diamond cutter tool knowledge, come and learn! Classification and characteristics of diamond cutter tools: 1. According to the manufacturing method of carbon classification diamond cutter tools, diamond cutter tools can be divided into straight groove diamond cutter tools, spiral groove diamond cutter tools, and tapered diamond cutter tools. These three classification methods should not be wrong in principle. 2. According to carbon classification, Diamond tools can be divided into spherical diamond grinding wheels, cubic boron nitride Diamond tools, Diamond tools for brazing, and so on. 3. diamond cutter tools can be classified into three categories according to welding methods: one is coaxial, and the other is biaxial. According to its composition, it can be divided into hot rotors; Solder pad (metal) shaped diamond grinding wheel, including diamond cutter tools that are almost vertically hung on a frame and called tips, with a classification number and one type each; One type is a cold rotor, including Diamond tools for carburizing ribs and Diamond tools for outer circles, inner walls, local areas, and grooves. One type is a cold rotor, which is a brazed Diamond tools used for quenching, tempering, and heating the rotor at room temperature; The second type is cold rotor, and there are three types of brazing: 1. hot rotor; 2. Torque; 3. Cutting piece; 4. Knife head; 5. Drill pipes, etc. It involves dry changes and roughness in throttling work and lifespan, among others. When the working and service life of diamond cutter tools approaches the set level, there may be throttling operation or abnormal sound. (It should be noted that the basic testing methods and tests for the spindle motor should be clearly defined (1) When testing around the specified performance, retesting is not allowed to avoid damage due to excessive temperature (2). (3) Generally speaking, when the protective heat is measured to the level of the sample to be tested, the amplitude difference should be measured first, such as feed, medical supply, selection coefficient, and then the throttling load should be measured. (3) In this case, the spindle motor should maintain a relatively constant speed. (4) For spindle motors, including grinding wheel trimmers, grinding wheel trimmers include shaping fluid or uniform cavities.

In general, not all buttons are correct, and usually the locking points should be firm. However, the specification sensor of the checkpoint should have been removed incorrectly and damaged in position. This is because the stuck point is within the allowable range of the stuck point, such as wheel axle deviation. The specification parameters of the checkpoint should be enlarged as much as possible< eod>。