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Customs will conduct spot checks and inspections on the import and export commodities of diamond cutter tools

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The customs will conduct spot checks on the import and export commodities of diamond cutter tools to understand and see if there are problems with the linear speed of diamond cutter tool products during use, and can determine whether diamond cutter tools can be used through simple judgment.

When installing diamond cutter tools, it is also necessary to train on the structure of diamond cutter tools and the cutting quality of welding seams. Let's take a look below.

According to the design requirements of diamond cutter tools, corresponding inspections should also be carried out, such as visual inspection of welding, and other improper situations. Let's take a look below.

● Check whether the weld seam is complete and whether the minimum cutting depth of the weld seam is greater than 6mm; Whether the blade is sharp, and whether the tool with cracks is not sharp to prevent cracking; The overall surface is uneven with defects such as curvature;

Check if the weld seam is tightly welded to the substrate. Before brazing, there will be a weld seam. If the curved surface at the bottom of the cutting head is completely fused with the substrate, there will be no gap. If there is a gap, it indicates that the Diamond tools is still not sharp.

If the fit gap of the cutting tool after welding is less than or higher than the cutting head, welding is prone to occur.

The connection strength between the cutting tool and the substrate after welding should be better than that of the copper solder strip. After welding, it should form a closed welding whole to facilitate the substrate and titanium.

General national standards and all are lead wires, and a small number of welding wires above can be welded, such as tungsten titanium. If more than 100 million points need to be welded after spot welding, the bottom layer, such as copper, silver, nickel wire, stainless steel, etc., should be applied for welding.

The welded blade should be placed vertically on one side for cooling, and then the substrate and blade should be fixed together to the exhaust fan. If the exhaust fan needs to be pressed lightly down the tower, the blade tool should not be included in the contact area with the blade. The brazing area of the exhaust fan should be arranged on the disassembled blade, with a large area of 3/5 brazing. Do not place large blade, small blade, neck, turning tool, handle, and other objects on the shelf. Gently tap the spring clip with a hammer to align it with the material, observe it instantly, and release it with an end.

Before brazing, the heating temperature must be above 40 ° C, which leads to a sharp decrease in alloy strength, deformation or serious damage to the cutting tool. The blade needs to be replaced in a timely manner. Before starting the machine, check whether the power switch and air pressure are within the standard range.

The brazing temperature is generally lower than 120 ° C, and whether the power of the switch box of the test piece is 25KW. Each wiring terminal should not be less than 185KW. After each wiring terminal is opened, each wiring terminal should be opened, and the test piece should be connected to the water source. After 85%, it should be opened for 2 to 3KW or more. Dual use of oil, oil, or water. When refueling the fuel tank, it is necessary to add coolant frequently.

Using 1 square foot to measure the depth of the concrete being drilled, the depth of the bedding material, the height of the slurry surface above the depth of the concrete being drilled, precision instrument components, and right angles, report the naked drill measurement data of the tester from the data, and then display the data in Table 34. Using the number 60 or 70HZ measuring instrument ruler, the depth and inclination of the concrete can be preliminarily determined (Table 3). The tester measures the top of the concrete, and according to the previous on-site results, the concrete should open the circuit, Turn on the working machine for marking.

The application of concrete in calculation is cheaper than the data method, but it has fewer measurements and is easy to unlock, thereby reducing the overall working time of workers and making it easy for colleagues to use.